Get involved with War Memorials

Adding to the Series

If you would like to place a cache of your own in the War Memorial Series you are very welcome to. When requesting a number please include the location of the Memorial and county along with your geocaching name and email address.

We will reply as soon as possible with some text about the series to add to your page and your own cache number.

When the cache has been published please can you notify us and I will add it to the bookmark list. The cache can be any type at present the series consists of Traditional, Multi, Letterbox, Earth, Wherigo, Virtual and Mystery caches. If you have an existing geocache that you feel fits into the series please ask.

The cache can be any size container.

The cache page

Please note that the cache page must be named in the format which is supplied to you.

The info on the page is also up to you, but a bit of history about the War Memorial and a picture is recommended but not required. Our Cache Page generator makes it easy to create your page if you are not fluent on HTML coding.

A paragraph about the War Memorial Series should be included. Depending on whether you are using HTML or not in the cache web page, please use the following text from one of the two options below.

HTML Option: (Revised 2 July 2019)
Plain Text option:

Request a number

It's easy to request a number for your War Memorial cache – Head on over to our request form and fill in all the fields. Please let us know the coordinates of the War Memorial, not the final cache location.