10 Hides
War Memorial Series - 10 Hides

A badge to celebrate the placment of 10 hides in the War Memorial Series. To add this to your goecaching.com
profile, simply copy and paste the HTML code below

Large badge

Smaller badge

(On some browsers these buttons won't work, in which case you
will need to select the text in the box above and copy manually.)

War Memorial - Hider Badge

10 Hides

Where's the code?!

You can copy and paste the code by looking to the right of this page, underneath the badge image to the right.

Where do I add this code?

Simply add the code to the right into the about box at:
https://www.geocaching.com/account/editprofiledetails.aspx it's as easy as that!

I've added to our profile, but its not in our Souvenir page?

This is not an official geocaching.com souvenir, you will not gain this automatically (like usual official Souvenirs) This is merely an awards badge that you can place onto your public geocaching.com profile (www.geocaching.com/profile/)

Really Stuck? Need Help?

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