War Memorial Geocaching Series

A National Themed Geocaching Series

A UK based series of geocaches placed nearby to War Memorials.
The series can be added to by any geocacher by applying for a series number

We currently have 2102 Caches and 147834 Found Logs, 6786 Did Not Finds and 181 Cachers attending Events in our database


What is a War Memorial?

War memorials can be any tangible object which has been erected or dedicated to commemorate war, conflict, victory or peace; or casualties who served in, were affected by or killed as a result of war, conflict or peacekeeping.

The memorial can be from any era or conflict. The oldest war memorial in the United Kingdom is Oxford University's All Souls College. It was founded in 1438 with the provision that its fellows should pray for those killed in the Long Wars with France.

The Great War 1914-1918, caused an outpouring of grief for the tragic loss and led to many memorials being erected and become commonplace in communities large and small around the world.

Please note:

Physical caches are not allowed to be placed on the actual memorial without explicit written permission or within the boundary of such memorials. At all times treat locations of memorials with respect. We want to encourage people to visit war memorials and reflect and think. We will remember them!


War Memorials thanks...

  • To all the cache owners who have helped to expand the series by setting caches for us all to find.
  • SideTrackedChris (formerly known as bus.stop) for his hard work in producing this new website and stats pages.